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Never Will I Ever

Never Will I Ever

During my childhood I was a cat person. We probably had about 6 or 7 cats before I graduated from high school. After meeting my husband in college, who had a dog, I quickly became a dog dna test I figured out that I really liked dogs, but not just any dog; I liked large breed dogs. The bigger the better. The thought of owning a small dog, especially a Chihuahua was incomprehensible to me and something I said I would never do.

My husband’s dog, Zoe, lived with us for about 16 years. She was there as we navigated through our different life stages from being a couple, to getting married, and then having children. She passed away when the kids were in Kindergarten/Pre-K; about 6 years ago. Once she was gone we didn’t really consider getting another dog. It was nice to be free and take off on adventures and vacations without having to worry about someone watching the dog.

About a year ago we contemplated the idea of bringing a pet into our home. My husband thought it would be good for the kids to have a dog to take care of. I didn’t want the pet hair everywhere but agreed it would be good for the kids. To be clear, I was still very much on the fence about dealing with a dog and cleaning up after it.

With the help of a neighbor we started our search for dogs who needed a home through various rescue websites. After a few weeks we found a Maltese and scheduled an appointment to visit the foster who was keeping him. As we were getting ready to leave for our visit, the foster called to let us know she was going to keep him because he was … Read More . . .